Kujia Miss ICT

Beauty With ICT Brains 


Beauty With ICT Brains

Kujia Miss ICT is a young women regional empowerment  grassroot  partnership led  program that promote Remote ICT young Women Learners , Workers, and Entrepreneurs social events where Kujia Partners  with organizations to run 12 Kujia Miss ICT Monthly Starting June to May each year starting 2024. It is held every third Thursday of the Month in a region.

Our mission is to promote remote ICT young  Women Learners, Workers, and Entrepreneurs across Kenya  using talents, brains and beauty among county young women  in ICT (remote ICT Young  learners, workers, and entrepreneurs ) in 12 regions in Kenya  which in turn the proceeds will be used to promote remote ICT young women Learners, Workers, and entrepreneurs.

The Slogan  of Kujia Miss ICT  is : “ Beauty With ICT Brains  .”

The Goal of Kujia Miss ICT  is to raise funding to promote remote ICT Young women learners, Workers, and entrepreneurs in every region the event is held.


Kujia is Kenyan Nonprofit registered as an NGO whose vision is to be the best ICT for Development NGO in Kenya with a Mission to promote Kenyan Youth in ICT  in a manner which empowers them to study, work and start their businesses from home.

Kujia was founded at United States International University –Africa (USIU-A) – Incubation and Innovation hub back in 2019 by Benard O. Nyachieo upon his graduation with a BSc. APT Software Engineering from USIU-A.

Sponsorship Opportunities.

We are open to all  sponsors intent on a more regional focused participative and innovative platform to help market them by virtue of being promoters of remote ICT young women learners, workers, entrepreneurs  through this events, the sponsors will get to sign in on as partners to Kujia Miss ICT.

A special opportunity to engage host region diverse young women  in the ICT sector.

The opportunity to be seen online via social media of our youth as a notable partner to a cause that promotes remote Young women in ICT  in their region  and empowers the youth-Majority young women.

An opportunity to spot future employees and ambassadors for the various brands and companies.

Opportunity to build brand awareness and affinity.

A chance to give back to the ICT for Development and Youth empowerment in counties. 


Platinum Package :  ( KSH 500,000.00–Above)

Brands and Companies/organizations recognition during the event and company’s commercials can be aired on the LCD screens during the event. 

The Brand/Organization or Company’s posters and banners will be displayed in and around the events venue. 

Name/Logo on promotional material as title sponsors on posters, fliers, and social media.

Unlimited mentions for publicity.

Allowed to set up the company exhibition tent for FREE at a Kujia Summit -in the host region-and at the Kujia Miss ICT event and the opportunity to distribute promotional material  Kujia Miss ICT.

Offer to present gifts and awards to the winning participants.

7 VIP including refreshments.

Gold package: (KSH 250,000.00 – 499,999.00) 

Mention as co-sponsors on posters, fliers and social media. 

Allowed the opportunity to have  brand ambassador on site. 

Allowed to set up the company exhibition tent for FREE at the event -in the host region - and the opportunity to distribute promotional material the event.

5 VIP tickets including refreshments.

Silver package (Kshs 150,000 – 249,999)

The use of the sponsor’s logo in advertising and promotional materials of the event. 

3 VIP tickets including refreshments.

Bronze package (Kshs 70,000 – 149,999)

The use of the sponsor’s logo in advertising and promotional materials of the event. 

1 VIP tickets including refreshments.

Counties that Will Host Regional Events -12 regions Across Kenya.


Nyanza and some Western Kenya Counties ( September- Starting September 2024 


South Rift Counties  (October Starting October 2024)


Kajiado ( November-Starting November 2024)


Nairobi (December -Starting  December 2024)

Uasin Gishu

Some North Rift Counties  ( January-Starting January 2025)


Some North Rift and Western Counties February- Starting February 2025


Turkana ( March -Starting March 2025)


Northern Frontiers Counties – (April -Starting April 2025)


Mt. Kenya and Central ( May- Starting May 2025


Samburu and Isiolo Counties -(June -Starting June 2025)


Eastern Counties – ( July -Starting July 2025)


Coast Counties -(Aug -Starting Aug 2025).

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