ICT students Clubs

In TVETs , University , and International Institutions.

Kujia Clubs

For Students supported by Kujia at a Local TVET , University or international institutions abroad. Students at partner Kujia local TVETs study computer hardware  while those at University and  study abroad programs study any of the six core ICT disciplines of Kujia.

Local Partner TVETs to find a Kujia Club – Kujia is planning to partner with at least 1 TVET per constituency per County where Kujia work.


Kujia is currently looking at one single University in Nairobi  to partner with and enable students from ASALs and Slums where Kujia work to study their bachelors in ICT and specialize in any of Kujia 6 areas of ICT.

International study abroad Partners. - Kujia International Clubs will be located in international institutions where Kujia support Students.

North America

Study Cybersecurity in North America

European Union

Study Digital Marketing in the European Union .

United Kingdom

Study Cloud Computing in United Union.

Middle East and Russia

Study Software Development in Middle East and Russia


Study Computer Hardware in China


Study data Science in Australiasia

Partner with Kujia

Support Kenyan Youth to study in local TVETs , University or study abroad.
Allow Kujia to start a Kujia Club at your institution
Join or start a Kujia Club – for students supported by Kujia in local TVETs ,University ,and or International Institutions.
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