Kujia Group takes Kujia Vision to Kenya’s informal settlements, Kenya’s Arid and Semi-Arid Lands, and Kenya’s Low income towns  to enable Kujia achieve Kujia Mission of Ending Poverty in Kenya’s low income communities using Tech.

Kujia Fellows have three expertise levels .All Fellows are members of a Kujia Group in their community or a Kujia Group in a  community near them.

Its in the interest  of  Kujia to  be home to fellows  who can engage with the global village in other nations languages , Kujia will seek partnerships with individuals and organizations that will offer language lessons to Kujia Groups .Kujia selected international languages promoted in Kujia Groups are Spanish ,Portuguese , German, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese , French, Hindi, Russian , Korean, Chinese and Arabic.

Over 200 active Kujia Groups in Kenya by 2025.