Join Us Today

Youth from communities where Kujia work start or join existing study, work, or tour groups.

Join us as a Tech solution partner , let our youth market, install, maintain, repair, test , and or resell your tech solutions.

Provide a work opportunity to our youth to market , install, maintain, repair, test and or resell our partner tech solutions to you .

Being an NGO we are happy to support non-profits with their tech solutions needs in partnership with our tech partners and in turn create work for our youth.

We are keen at supporting learning institutions with our tech partners solutions needs and working with learning institutions for example colleges to create higher education chance to our youth from low income communities.

Join our team of volunteers in communities where we work- our volunteer from anywhere in the world virtually.

Be a member of Kujia - Support our organization as a member. Our members make membership contributions that support our NGO work in communities where we work. 

Sponsor a Project in communities where we work. We have projects you can sponsor to support our work in low income communities.