Kujia ICT Jobs Linkages

Programs  that Link Kenyan Software Developers, Cybersecurity Pentesters , Cloud Computing Architects , Data Analysts , AI Engineers  , and Digital Resellers/Marketers with local and International IT Jobs.

Kujia ICT Jobs Linkages

Kujia is actively looking for partners to develop ICT Job linkages for  Kenyan Youth in cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, Digital Marketing , Data Analytics , and Artificial Intelligence.

Kujia Techies for SMEs Linkages Programs

Linkages through Partners Abroad

Hire Digital Talent from Africa - Go Platform , Silicon Valley, USA

Hire Digital Talent from Africa-Go Platform , Slicon Valley USA

Hire Digital Talent from Africa -Go Platform ,Silicon Valey, Africa

ICT Jobs Linkages through Upcoming Kujia Linkages Agencies

Kujia Digital Resellers Agency- Rusinga

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