We Work with Partners

Everything Kujia does is backed by solid partnerships

Partnership at Kujia

Kujia is a partnership driven ICT for Development NGO in Kenya. Everything Kujia does is backed by solid partnerships in Kenya and or abroad. 

Partner with Kujia to run ICT Upskilling, ICT Jobs Linkages , or ICT Business Incubation. 

Our approach are through bootcamp, engagements, sustainability and techies activities.

Key areas of Partnerships with Kujia Kenya

Upskilling youth  in 6 ICT Areas, Entrepreneurship , and Foreign Languages .

Linking Digital Resellers, Cloud Architects, AI Engineers, Cybersecurity Penetration  Testers, Software Developers , and data Analysts with Jobs in Kenya and abroad.

Working with youth with ICT Business in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics , Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Software Development.

We Are Who We Are Because of Our Partners

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