Youthful Leadership
Majority Young Women

Over 70% of Kujia Board and Secretariat are Young women and Over 90% are Youth.

Founder and Chair of Kujia


Kujia has a youthful leadership made of a  Board of 5 and a secretariat of 9 -The Board include the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer ,and 2 Board members.


Up to 20 Coordinators who are coordinating Kujia interventions that promote ICT for Development in 12 Counties in Kenya.


Kujia is developing  Ambassadors for  each of the 47 Counties and for each of its 12 regions globally. Become a Kujia Ambassador to represent Kujia in your County/ region .


12 County based Committees  that spearhead Kujia Interventions spread in 12 Counties – Each Committee with a chairperson and 12 other leaders making Kujia the largest grassroot youthful and majority Young women led NGO in Kenya. Other sub committees in each county are for Mr and Miss Kujia , Kujia ICT4D Films , Kujia ICT4D Awards, and Kujia ICT4D Summit. Over 200 Youth are actively engaged in Kujia Committees across 12 Counties.

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