Kujia Retreats

Retreats for Youth in ICT who study, work or run their Businesses from Home

Kujia Retreats

Organizing occasional retreats for youth in data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing.

Retreat for Youth in ICT studying, Working or running their Businesses from Home

Rusinga Retreat

A Retreat for Digital Marketers in Kenya in the Month of August

Maasai Mara Retreat

A Retreat for Data Analysts in Kenya in the Month of October

Eldoret Retreat

A Retreat of Software Developers in Kenya in the month of December

Nanyuki Retreat

A Retreat of AI Engineers in Kenya in the Month of February

Konza Retreat

A Retreat of Cloud Architects in Kenya in the Month of April

Diani Retreat

A Retreat of Cybersecurity Penetration Testers in Kenya in the Month of June

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