Kujia has an HR strategic plan to have full time assistants, Managers, Coordinators, and Secretariat by 2028 . In 2023 Kujia will engage Volunteer Assistants , In 2024 Kujia will engage Volunteer Managers and Coordinators , and In 2025 engage Volunteer members of the Secretariat. In 2026 Kujia will start to have full time Assistants , in 2027 Kujia will start to engage full time Managers and Coordinators , and in 2028 Kujia will start to engage full time members of the secretariat. Now through to 2028 the leadership of Kujia is under its Founder and a board that is giving all they can to accomplish Kujia goals and objectives with the help of volunteers like in 2023 where Kujia works because of the effort of its Volunteer Assistants.