Kujia is the Best ICT for Development NGO in Kenya

Kujia is a Nonprofit registered in Kenya as an NGO whose vision is to be the best ICT for Development NGO in Kenya with a Mission to promote ICT  in Kenya  manner which empowers Kenyan Youth -majority young women and marginalized Youth  to study, work and start their businesses from home.

Study ICT from Home

Study Specialized ICT skills from Home. The areas of Specialization/ certification include -cybersecurity , Data Analytics , Digital Marketing , Artificial Intelligence Engineering , Cloud Computing , and Software Development. We have partnered with the world's leading EdTech companies to facilitate e-learning.

Work as An ICT Expert from Home

We are looking for decent ICT Jobs in the global north to change the global south . We partner with ICT firms and job agency to offer remote job linkages to Digital Products Resellers , Data Analysts, AI Engineers , Cloud Architects, Software Developers , and Cybersecurity Penetration Testers in Kenya.

Start Your ICT Business from Home

We would like to create jobs in ICT for Youth in ICT . With a few youth interested in technoprenuership we are supporting them to start and grow their businesses from home in digital marketing , cybersecurity , cloud computing , Artificial Intelligence , software development, and Data Analytics.

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Kujia is the brainchild of Benard – Born and Raised in abject poverty in rural KenyaBenard moved and settled in one of the oldest slums in Africa after high school where he met an American  Baptist Missionary who preached John 3:16 to him  and was born again and one week later  planted a Baptist Church  -He would later get supported and joined United States International University -Africa (USIU-Africa) where he graduated with a  BSc APT Software Engineering and  immediately upon graduation founded Kujia at the University  Incubation and Innovation Hub in 2019 .

Kujia – KUJIA meaning “Come for  IT (with a slogan Skill. Service. Trust)” – is  a Kenyan  NGO that  exists to promote e-techies from their homes  in Kenya in a manner which empowers the youth (majority young women and youth from marginalized communities) with specialized ICT skills , decent ICT jobs, and technoprenuership in an effort to contribute towards United Nations SDG Goals No.1,4,5,8,9,10 and 17 and The Economic Pillar of Kenya’s Vision 2030 that seeks to improve the wealth of all regions of the country.

Read Benard’s Full Resume

Learn Tech Skills with Developers Institute Israel -Kujia has brought Developers Institute Israel to Kenya.

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Remote ICT Learner

Kujia Clubs at institutions

Remote ICT Worker

Remote ICT Entrepreneur

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Promoting remote ICT Learners, Workers, and Entrepreneurs in Kenya in a manner which Empowers Kenyan Youth (majority Young Women and Youth from marginalized Communities).





Are You a Youth Serving Organization in Kenya or abroad

Partner with Kujia to Promote ICT in Kenya to Empowers the Youth in ICT


Organizing Visits of Techies from other countries to visit young techies in Kenya.


Welfare for Youth who are remote Digital Resellers, Data Analysts, Cybersecurity Pentesters, Cloud Architects, Software Developers , and AI Professionals.


Organizing occasional retreats for youth in data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing

Are You a local or international Youth Serving Organization

Work with Kujia to provide ICT Scholarships , ICT students Exchanges, and Digital Literacy programs in partnership with local and international Organizations and Institutions.


Supporting Youth who want to study Cybersecurity , Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing , Software Development, Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , and Computer Hardware Engineering.


ICT Exchanges programs for TVET and University Students locally and globally.

Digital Literacy

promoting digital literacy in primary schools where ICT College students , recent ICT graduates , and recent ICT professionals volunteers their skills to offer digital literacy programs in partner primary schools.

Kujia values, Kujia DNA
Skill .Service .Trust

Kujia Techies are Members of Kujia Chapters
All Kujia Members are Techies

Kujia Remote ICT Learner Membership

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KES 499/Per Month

Kujia Remote ICT Worker Membership

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KES 999/Per Month

Kujia Remote ICT Entrepreneur Membership

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KES 4999/Per Month

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Support Kujia ICT Tours and  Events -Online Presence ,  ICT Scholarship Awards , ICT Forums and Mr and Miss ICT 

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