Kujia Regional Chapters

Six Kujia Regional Chapters for Youth in ICT Across 6 Regions in Kenya 

Kujia Chapters

Six regional Chapters for ICT Youth in kenya . The Chapters include Nyanza and Western, South Rift , Noth Rift , Central-Mt. Kenya- Nothern , Nairobi-Eastern, and Coast. To be aged 18-35, a Youth in ICT ( IT student, IT Professional, or IT Technoprenuer) and live in a county of the region they are applying to join. 

All the 47 Counties fall under 6 regional Regions which forms Kujia Regional Chapters.

Kujia is focused on Digital Marketing and Reselling, Data Analytics , Software Development, Artificial Intelligence , Cloud Computing , and Cybersecurity. Chapters exists to promote Kujia ICT Upskilling , ICT Jobs Linkages, and ICT Businesses Incubation efforts to empower the chapter members.

Why join or support a Kujia Regional Chapter

Guiding Principles of a Regional Chapter

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