Kujia Techies

Visits. Counselling. Retreats . Scholarships. Internships. Literacy

Kujia Visits

Organizing Visits of Techies (more so online ICT Learners, workers, and entrepreneurs ) from other Countries to visit Kenya and interact with Youth in Kenya.

Kujia Counselling

Counselling programs for Techies that promotes the wellbeing of Youth in ICT who study, work or run their businesses from home.

Kujia Retreats

Organizing occasional retreats for youth in data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing.

Are You a Youth Serving Organization

Partner with Us to Support Your Youth in ICT

Kujia Scholarships

Supporting Youth who want to become Data Analysts, Resellers, AI Engineers, Pentesters, Developers , and Architects to Learn through scholarships.

Kujia Internships

Creating an opportunity for Youth studying ICT to find internships opportunities in data analytics , digital marketing , software development, cloud computing , cybersecurity, and Artificial intelligence.

Kujia Literacy

Digital Literacy Programs in Basic Education institution of learning in partnership with local and International partners.

Kujia Techies Membership Starts at KES 499 Per Month

Kujia Techies are E-Learners, E-Workers, and E-Entrepreneurs in ICT.

Kujia E-Learners Membership

Strarts from

KES 499/Per Month

Kujia E-workers Membership

Strarts from

KES999/Per Month

Kujia E-entrepreneurs Membership

Strarts from

KES 4999/Per Month

Together, all our members contribute to the body organization Kujia 

As a member you can engage further as a volunteer, fundraiser or beneficiary of Kujia projects, programs, and activities.

With the networking events and contacts that come with Kujia membership, Kujia Techies always have the opportunities to benefit from skills, jobs and businesses in tech.

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