Kujia Techies

   Homabay, Narok, Kajiado, Nairobi. Uasin Gishu, Baringo, Turkana, Marsabit, Laikipia, Samburu, Machakos, and Kwale.

ICT4D Hubs

Hubs that promote ICT for Development in Counties at the Wards Level.

Kujia Chapters

A Techies for Techies Youth led local associations for Kujia techies in Counties at the Constituency level.

Techies Houses

Techies regional houses that host Youth in tech and their activities across the country .


There are many ways in which you can be involved in Kujia. One of these is to become a member of Kujia and join the growing community of individuals who call themselves

Kujia Techies are students, professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs in tech .Kujia Techies are interested in data analytics, software development, cybersecurity, digital marketing, cloud engineering, or computer repair and maintenance. 

Membership is open to those already engaged in Kujia or those who have never participated in a Kujia event, program, project or initiative. Kujia members are committed to support us grow an NGO that exists to end poverty among the youth using tech. Currently Kujia Membership fees are as follows.

Are You a Youth doing ICT in a LOCAL TVET

Start or Access These In TVETs Where Kujia work

Kujia Scholarships

Supporting Youth who want to join local TVETs , Students already in TVETs, and Graduates from TVETs to acquire specialized ICT skills through ICT scholarships.

Kujia Labs

TVETs based ICT Labs that enables Kujia Techies to find where they can practice specialized ICT skills , decent ICT Jobs and technoprenuership.

Kujia Clubs

An Association of Kujia techies inside a Partner TVET-championing the welafre of Kujia Techies in Partner TVETs.

Kujia Techies Membership Starts at KES 1000 Per Month

Kujia Techies are Members of Kujia Chapters
All Kujia Members are Techies

Kujia Local Techies - Limited to County

Strarts from

KES 1000/Per Month

Kujia National Techies -Limited to Country

Strarts from

KES2000/Per Month

Kujia Global Techies - Unlimited

Strarts from

KES 5000/Per Month

Together, all our members contribute to the body organization Kujia 

As a member you can engage further as a volunteer, fundraiser or beneficiary of Kujia projects, programs, and activities.

With the networking events and contacts that come with Kujia membership, Kujia Techies always have the opportunities to benefit from skills, jobs and businesses in tech.

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