Kujia Nanyuki
Bring Techies Together

Retreat for Techies and Work remotely from Nanyuki, Kenya- East Africa  

Kujia in Nanyuki

Plan to and be part of Kujia in Nanyuki – a focused retreat and a place to work remotely from nanyuki , Kenya , East Africa.  -Meet and network with local and international techies in Digital Marketing , Cloud Computing , data Science , Software Development , Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence .

Kujia Annual Retreat - in Nanyuki

Digital Resellers Retreat

February 2024

Web Developers Retreat

March 2024

Cybersecurity Pentesters Retreat

April 2024

Cloud Architects Retreat

May 2024

Data Scientists Retreat

June  2024

AI Professionals Retreat

July 2024

Kujia Work Remotely from Nanyuki , Kenya East Africa

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